Tracked down all of the fic that I've posted on LJ and created a handy link-list.

Dragon Age )

Full Metal Alchemist )

Knights of the Old Republic )

Naruto )

Star Trek )
Prompt: What do we have here?
Bitty!Carver, Bethany, and Malcolm )


Prompt: Break Free
Justice )


Prompt: Malcolm and Hawke
Leandra, Malcolm, and bitty!Hawke )


Prompt: Of course we have cheese. It's a cheese shop
Alistair )


Prompt: How did it get on the ceiling?
Team Rogue + Carver )


Prompt: Imaginary Friend
f!Hawke, Anders )


Prompt: Something old, something new...
Anders )


Prompt: Make a Move
Nathaniel, Carver )


Prompt: Someplace to be flying
Isabela )
Prompt: I guess that's why we get along so well. We're both just a couple of lovers.

Malcolm and Ser Carver )


Prompt: You're not keeping that as a pet!

Nathaniel, Sigrun, f!Tabris )


Prompt: "I swear, the dragon was right here!"
Carver, Velanna, Sigrun, and Garavel )


Prompt: Holy crap, WHO IS RUNNING THIS ARMY?

Carver )


Prompt: Bounty

f!Hawke/Anders )


Prompt: How many kittens is too many?

f!Hawke and Anders )


Prompt: We're Doomed

Carver, Nathaniel, Sigrun, and f!Tabris )


Prompt: Mother said there'd be days like this

Leandra/Malcolm )


Prompt: No right answer

Brennan, Donnic )
Prompt: Look, I'm telling ya, there's somethin' movin' and it ain't us!
Anders, Nathaniel, Sigrun, and f!Tabris )

Prompt: Dancing Lessons
f!Tabris/Nathaniel )

Prompt: I guess things are different now
Malcolm/Leandra )

Prompt: Then I take the leap
Malcolm/Leandra )

Prompt: Number one son
Carver and Leandra )

Prompt: That's Physically Impossible!
Varric, Isabela, and Hawke )

Prompt: "I'm a healer, Hawke, not a..."
Anders and Hawke )

Prompt: You know what this calls for? Ice cream.
Malcolm and f!Hawke )

Prompt: It's just a cobweb, stop being a weenie.
f!Tabris, Nathaniel, Carver, and Sigrun )

Prompt: Reunion
Carver, Sigrun, and Nathaniel )

Prompt: Litter of Mabari pups
Leandra, Malcolm, and f!Hawke )

Prompt: "It's only a flesh wound"
Sigrun, f!Tabris, Nathaniel, Carver )

Prompt: Warden, Champion. Champion, Warden
f!Hawke and m!Amell )
Title: In the Shadows, Dark
Rating: PG/PG-13?
Character/Pairings: Anders, f!Hawke
Summary: After a year spent in solitary confinement, Anders is not at all happy in dark or small places. Problem is, he isn't about to let his friends go into the Deep Roads without a Warden.
A/N: Written for the kmeme prompt: So Anders is claustrophobic due to his year in solitary, etc. LI-to-be Hawke drags him into the Deep Roads. Cue panic attack, and Anders trying to fight through it because he's the healer, dammit, and he's supposed to take care of everyone else.

He's been able to do this before, when he was with the Wardens, been able to go into the Deep Roads with very little trouble. Well, not no trouble. Some trouble. )
Weekly roundup! Lots of Carver-fic this time around. I'm really loving these Warden-rogues + Carver drabbles. They are far too much fun!
Prompt: Why does it always have to be snakes?
Carver, f!Tabris, Sigrun, and Nathaniel )

Prompt: Does the rolling help?
Carver, Sigrun, f!Tabris, and Nathaniel )

Prompt: Shindig
Carver, Sigrun, f!Tabris, and Nathaniel )

Prompt: I love the smell of magic in the morning
Anders/F!Hawke/Nathaniel )

Prompt: Does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine?
Anders and Justice, Anders/f!Hawke )

Prompt: Why are baby things always so cute?
Leandra/Malcolm )

Prompt: Qunari Bakeries
Sten and f!Tabris )

Prompt: Cat Nap
f!Hawke/Anders )

Prompt: How long until your surrender?
f!Hawke and Sebastian )
Prompt: Blood in My Mouth
Warden Carver )

Prompt: Every well-bred petty crook
Malcolm/Leandra )

Prompt: Red Roses
Nathaniel/Bethany, F!Tabris )

Prompt: And there you were, completely naked...
Nathaniel, Sigrun, Carver, and f!Tabris )

Prompt: Back to the Start
f!Tabris and Carver )

Prompt: A Cake the Size of Thedas
f!Hawke/Anders )

Prompt: Where the Streets have no Name
f!Hawke and Anders )

Prompt: This? This is why I hate the Templars
f!Hawke and Anders )

Prompt: Villains by Necessity
f!Hawke and Anders )

Prompt: Water in the Desert
f!Tabris and Nathaniel )
Prompt: What do you want from me?
f!Tabris and Alistair )

Prompt: A New Home
Carver, f!Tabris, Nathaniel, Sigrun )

Prompt: The One with the Blackout
f!Hawke and Anders )

Prompt: Leandra/Malcolm, First Kiss
Leandra/Malcolm )

Prompt: You're a Dream to Me
Justice and f!Hawke, past f!Hawke/Anders )

Prompt: Real Names
f!Hawke/Anders )

Prompt: I told you not to touch that!
Varric, Hawke, and Anders )
[ profile] soaringsparrows' art requests is in the coloring stage and the last two are still thumbnails since I want to change up the posing somewhat. Here's hoping I can get one done today and have the sketches for the next two done soon! I can totally do this!
Title: A Pieless Existence
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: F!Hawke/Anders
Summary: Hawke and Anders attempt to make pie, with disastrous results.
A/N: More in this little series of Hawke and Anders being adorably fluffy, this time involving baked goods. I swear, Anders gets more and more ridiculous with each one of these. Go go Anders fluff!

Why would you even think about darkspawn in the same context as pie? You’re ruining the sanctity of pie with your Warden-y thoughts! )

   There are a lot of famous last sayings. Like “What could possibly go wrong?” Or “Is it supposed to do that?” Or, even “There's no way the Templars can catch me if I climb out of that window!”
   That last one might have been in regards to one of his botched escape attempts.

    Still, he would have never quite expected that, right up with all those others, would be the words “I'm going to make pie!”

    Though, it's not terribly surprising, since he already knows that Hawke is not really the best at baking things. Or cooking things. And he's not all that much better, though his potion making skills give him a bit of an edge and he manages to not burn everything.

    It’s one of the rare days that he’s at the estate during the afternoon, one of those lazier days where Hawke lounges around in one of his shirts that she got for him after she had found out how few clothes he had that were in good repair. He, himself, is in only his pants and the long tunic that he normally wears beneath his coat, that very coat hidden somewhere about the estate by Hawke since he is supposed to be staying in today to get some rest and not sneaking out to do healer-y things in Darktown. Both she and one of his assistants at the clinic have teamed up to convince him that he needs to take breaks now and again, and, so far, their plan has been working.

    “Are you sure that's a good idea?” he asks her after she says she’s going to make pie, and she gives him a narrow eyed look that makes him regret speaking.

    “Of course it's a good idea! It's pie. How can pie ever be a bad idea?”

    That is a thought. Pie is delicious, of course. It's even higher on his list of 'things that make life wonderful' than coffee.

    There's a wayward thought from Justice about how freedom is better than pie and coffee combined, and Anders decides that pie, coffee, and freedom would probably be the best thing ever.

    “It could be a bad idea if it's made out of, I don't know, darkspawn or something.”

    A look of disgust crosses Hawke's face. “No! Don't even suggest that. Why would you even think about darkspawn in the same context as pie? You’re ruining the sanctity of pie with your Warden-y thoughts!”

    “But they would make for a terrible pie,” he says.

    “Okay, point.” She pouts at him for a moment until he taps the tip of her nose with a finger and makes her giggle. “So, pie! You’re home for today, so you can help me! Unless, of course, you don’t want to be involved in the wonderfulness that is pie making.”

    Her enthusiasm is absolutely infectious, enough to drown out Justice’s annoyance that this was an utterly pointless activity. He’s found that it’s often times easier to ignore the doubts that Justice brings when Hawke is around. Never mind that this seems to annoy Justice even more...

    “Of course I’ll help,” he says. “You know how much I love pie. What type are we making?”

    He does wonder if she’s ever tried to make pie before.

    “Blueberry,” she says, holding up a rather stained piece of heavy parchment that’s covered in writing that is most certainly not her own. “It’s my father’s recipe. Did you know that he was amazing at baking?”

    “Nope.” Anders slings an arm around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder and looking down at the parchment. There are a lot of things written and crossed out on it, and tiny doodles in the margins, as well as some writing in a finer script. He is fairly certain that this isn’t simply a recipe, but something of her father's that she treasures dearly.

    “Well, he was,” she says, leaning back against him. “Best pie in...well, in wherever we were living at the time. He had this story he used to tell, about how he charmed his way out of being captured by Templars once, using only his wits and several pies of various flavors. I’m not sure how much truth there was to that one.”

    “Hmmm, I never thought to use pie for that before,” Anders says. “Your father sounds like the sort of dashing apostate that bards would tell tales of.”

    A thoughtful look appears on Hawke’s face. “I think there is a song about him, actually. But mother never let him sing it around us. I have a feeling it wasn’t the sort of song that for children.” Her face twitches a bit. “Okay, not thinking about what it might have been about. Let’s make pie!”

    She places the recipe on a shelf, propped up by a few mugs, which ends up being a good thing in preserving it. They realize very quickly that pie making is a little harder than Hawke originally thought, and eventually Anders takes over on making the pie crust while Hawke picks bits of the last completely failed crust out of his hair.

    “You know, I’ve never seen someone fail so spectacularly at mixing flour and water,” he comments, earning a tug on his half ponytail as she pulls out the tie holding it up.

    “Yes, well, not everyone is good at mixing things,” she says, dusting flour out of his hair. They’re practically covered in it, and he glances at her to see a large streak running across her cheekbones and nose.

    “You’ve got flour here,” he says, reaching out and brushing it from her skin. It’s a feather-light touch, just a brush of his thumb across her cheeks, but she flushes a bit, then grins and presses a kiss against his hand as it passes too close to her mouth.

    “Yeah? Well, you have flour all over.”

    “And who’s fault is that?” She blinks innocently at him and his lips draw into a smile. “Okay, so this seems like a halfway decent pie crust. What about filling? Where are the blueberries?”

    “Um...” she says, looking a bit sheepish. “I don’t actually have any blueberries. I have strawberries, though! I figured that we could just use them instead!”

    He hides a laugh by faking a cough, which turns into a real one as he inhales some flour. “...that sounds like a terrible idea. Not that I don’t like strawberries - my mother made fantastic strawberry tarts when I was little - but are you sure the recipe will still work?”

    “Absolutely!” she says with complete confidence, and that means, of course, that this will end up being a disaster. “I’m sure it will work.”

    Anders glances up at the recipe, reading Malcolm’s heavy scrawl. While he’s not the best at cooking, he at least has experience with making things. Like potions, but those don’t actually have to taste good. Pie, however, should.

    Do not use fire spells to bake, he sees scrawled into one of the margins, and that makes him snort in amusement. Also, marbles are not blueberries, and Carver needs to learn the difference or my pies shall suffer.

    Below that, in the finer handwriting, is If you don’t want him to put marbles in the pie, love, don’t tell him to add whatever he wants to the mix.

    “Okay, we can try adding strawberries,” he says. “I assume you have strawberries?”

    “Of course!” She looks absolutely scandalized at the idea that she might not be in the possession of strawberries.

    This part goes slightly better than the crust making - at least there is no flour to throw everywhere - partially because Hawke lets him measure things. They do both end up a bit stickier than they were before, and the kitchen is an absolute mess, but eventually they have something that resembles a pie. An uncooked pie, but a pie nonetheless.

    “Right, so now we bake it.” Hawke wrinkles her nose at the oven. “Maybe you should do this. I might burn it.”

    “I love your burned baked goods,” he says and she throws flour at him. “All right! Baking a pie, easy!”

    “You are a wonderful man,” she tells him, pressing a slightly sticky kiss to his cheek. After he has place the pie in the oven, he turns and kisses her full on the mouth, tasting strawberries. She hums against his mouth, sliding her arms up around his neck and threads her fingers into his hair, sending more flour into the air.

    “I think it’s going to be not so much fun to clean this all up,” she says when they draw apart for air. She traces a few fingers over his face. “More flour. I think it’s everywhere.”

    “You’ve got streaks of it in your hair, too, sweetheart,” he says, and she grimaces in annoyance.

    “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

    “Because you look utterly adorable covered in flour.”

    She rolls her eyes at him.

    The pie, of course, turns out slightly more disastrously than Hawke would have like, but far more edible than they had both feared. And they both smell strongly of strawberries for the rest of the day.

Title: Better with Coffee
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: f!Hawke/Anders
Summary: Not leaving first thing in the morning lead Anders to discover that Hawke has one of his favorite things ever: coffee
A/N: A sequel to Butterfly Mornings and rather inspired by Coffee and Manifestos. So, basically, more morning-time fluff, because there needs to be so much more fluff for Anders. Which kind of amounts to him being rather ridiculous in this one. Also on AO3

I didn't know you liked coffee. I thought you ran off of rejuvenation spells and spirit power )
Prompt: The Dark is Very Quiet
Justice and Anders )

Prompt: Without the destination, what's the point of the journey
Anders/Hawke/Nathaniel )

Prompt: don't have enough sense to come out of the rain
Anders/f!Hawke )

Prompt: Stuck on the roof
Carver, Nathaniel, and the Warden Commander )

Prompt: Confusion
m!Hawke about Fenris )
Finished thumbnail sketches for all the requests I took last weekend, so I've got a general idea for the composition and posing for them all. One full sketch is done as well, though it needs some heavy editing on one arm when I get it into Photoshop because I changed part of it during the sketch and ran out of room to make the proportions look correct. As soon as I get the costume I'm working on finished, I'll have more time to really get to all of them.

Other art ideas (for when I am done with requests!) involve:
Cullen as a cheerleader
Hawke/Sebastian for the last of the drawings I'm doing for my roommates
Hawke/Anders comic thing
Drawing commemorating my successfully romancing both Sebastian and Fenris in one go
More Nate
And I want to draw more of my m!Hawke and Fenris being super adorable, because Faolan is a giant softie.

Also, need to finish up my two (two! Why did I do this!) kmeme fills, both of which are turning out to be very long. One of them is covering about twelve years of time? IDK, I need to stop taking on more writing projects. Chapter 4 of Stars is coming along slowly, too. But! Carver! Why is he such a joy to write?

And it is super warm out today, which is a nice change from the SNOW that we were getting up until the end of April. It's starting to feel like summer!
Title: Butterfly Mornings
Rating: Pg-13
Characters/Pairings: F!Hawke/Anders, Dog
Summary: Early on in their relationship, Anders and Hawke wake up next to one another.
A/N: Complete and utter fluff, written for a prompt on the kmeme. I keep looking at this and wonderful how I managed to avoid writing angst.

At least she doesn't sleep with knives under her pillow; he expects that, if that were the case, sharing a bed with her would be more than a little dangerous. )
Just typing up a list here to keep track of the requests from Side Quest Saturday.

[ profile] thewaterbandit: Hudson Hawke/Merrill of the snarky/romantic nature
[ profile] soaringsparrows: Kaedan and Kaiah Hawke arguing
[ profile] ladykleo: Athena Hawke/Anders rivalmance
[ profile] rose_in_shadow: Marian Hawke/Anders from Guide Me Home
[ profile] will_o_whisper: Merrill and Isabela being adorable
Title: The Stars Blindly Run, Chapter 3
Previous Chapters: 1 2
Characters/Pairings: Anders, F!Hawke, Carver, Varric, Bodhan, with eventual Hawke/Anders
Rating: Pg-13
Word Count: 6525
Summary:Anders does not think that he will ever return to the Deep Roads, but, then, there are lot of things that he doesn't think he'll ever do again. In this chapter, Varric and Anders have some guy time, Carver has a bad day, and Anders and Hawke argue over the finer points of dealing with demons.

Grey Wardens and darkspawn just go together. Like kittens and balls of yarn. Or the king of Ferelden and cheese. )
Prompt: Anders' crush on Karl
Anders, m!Amell )
Prompt: Anders' Spicy Shimmy
F!Hawke/Anders )
Prompt: Tea
F!Tabris, Sten )
Prompt: All you are is mean, and a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life and mean
F!Hawke, Anders )
Prompt: Your Best Wasn't Good Enough
F!Hawke )
Prompt: Weep
M!Hawke/Fenris )
Prompt: Corpse Writing
Anders )
Prompt: Years Go By
F!Hawke/Anders )
Prompt: Happily Ever After; What is it, really?
Carver/Velanna )
Prompt: Can I have this dance?
F!Hawke/Anders, Carver )
Prompt: Bethany doesn't mind being a virgin
Bethany, F!Hawke )
Prompt: Carver has second thoughts
Carver, Stroud )
Prompt: Shoe Shopping
F!Tabris, Leliana )
Decided to collect all the drabbles I did for the [ profile] dragon_age Tuesday Prompt fest, plus a few from previous weeks. I was quite inspired this morning. Which was bad for me, because I had a paper to write and kept getting distracted.

Prompt: You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means
Anders and F!Hawke )

Prompt: "It's eyes are following me. Creepy"
Fenris and M!Hawke )

Prompt: Alistair's Rose
Tabris, with Alistair and Nathaniel )

Prompt: Bethany - First Kiss
Bethany/Cullen )

Prompt: Day at the Market
Tabris, Alistair, Sten, Morrigan, and Cheese )

Prompt: Green
Irving, and bitty Anders, Surana, and Amell )

Prompt: Turtles!
Merrill, Isabela, and F!Hawke )

Prompt: Dancing
Tabris and Nathaniel )

Prompt: Taking Care of Hawke after Mother dies
Lots, plus waffles )

Prompt: Kill it! Kill it with fire!
Isabela, Hawke, Merrill, and Varric )

Prompt: My Mother was so Proud of Me
Hawke and Anders )
Title: The Stars Blindly Run, Chapter 2
Previous Chapters: 1
Characters/Pairings: Anders, F!Hawke, Carver, Varric with eventual Hawke/Anders
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4657
Summary: Anders does not think that he will ever return to the Deep Roads, but, then, there are lot of things that he doesn't think he'll ever do again. In this chapter, the team moves deeper into the aptly named Deep Roads, fights darkspawn and giant spiders, and Hawke says a lot of things she's going to regret later.
A/N: Late chapter is very late, and also contains lots of spiders. And more banter.

Okay, so it's sort of covered in darkspawn guts and is probably tainted and sort of smells, but it's a staff! It's better than no staff, at least. It will help make your fireballs larger! )
As a couple of added questions, what do you think of how I'm using Hawke's first name? Is it too jarring to switch back between 'Hawke' and 'Ismat' based on whose point of view its from? Also, in terms of updating speed for this, do you all prefer long chapters with a longer time in between, or shorter chapters with quicker updates?
Title: There Won't be Sun
Characters/Pairings: F!Hawke/Anders
Rating: R (warning for suicidal characters)
Summary: They're on the run and part of a war that Hawke no longer wants. Anders watches Hawke slowly fall apart.
A/N: Written for a prompt on [ profile] dragonage_kink which asked for a post-game suicidal Hawke. While I didn't push the prompt quite as far as I could have, I still want to warn for that.

Once upon a time, he would have felt Justice's dislike for the woman well up within him at that thought, but not now )



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