Finished thumbnail sketches for all the requests I took last weekend, so I've got a general idea for the composition and posing for them all. One full sketch is done as well, though it needs some heavy editing on one arm when I get it into Photoshop because I changed part of it during the sketch and ran out of room to make the proportions look correct. As soon as I get the costume I'm working on finished, I'll have more time to really get to all of them.

Other art ideas (for when I am done with requests!) involve:
Cullen as a cheerleader
Hawke/Sebastian for the last of the drawings I'm doing for my roommates
Hawke/Anders comic thing
Drawing commemorating my successfully romancing both Sebastian and Fenris in one go
More Nate
And I want to draw more of my m!Hawke and Fenris being super adorable, because Faolan is a giant softie.

Also, need to finish up my two (two! Why did I do this!) kmeme fills, both of which are turning out to be very long. One of them is covering about twelve years of time? IDK, I need to stop taking on more writing projects. Chapter 4 of Stars is coming along slowly, too. But! Carver! Why is he such a joy to write?

And it is super warm out today, which is a nice change from the SNOW that we were getting up until the end of April. It's starting to feel like summer!
Just typing up a list here to keep track of the requests from Side Quest Saturday.

[ profile] thewaterbandit: Hudson Hawke/Merrill of the snarky/romantic nature
[ profile] soaringsparrows: Kaedan and Kaiah Hawke arguing
[ profile] ladykleo: Athena Hawke/Anders rivalmance
[ profile] rose_in_shadow: Marian Hawke/Anders from Guide Me Home
[ profile] will_o_whisper: Merrill and Isabela being adorable

This was...unexpected. And yet very awesome. Apparently, this was nominated in the 'Best Uhura' category.

This makes me very, very happy, doubly so because I'm actually proud of that piece, unlike a lot of the other most favorited things over at my DA page. So yay!

Also: apparently, it's -8 degrees here with the windchill. I DO NOT REMEMBER IT BEING THIS COLD LAST YEAR!



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