Prompt: Blood in My Mouth
Warden Carver )

Prompt: Every well-bred petty crook
Malcolm/Leandra )

Prompt: Red Roses
Nathaniel/Bethany, F!Tabris )

Prompt: And there you were, completely naked...
Nathaniel, Sigrun, Carver, and f!Tabris )

Prompt: Back to the Start
f!Tabris and Carver )

Prompt: A Cake the Size of Thedas
f!Hawke/Anders )

Prompt: Where the Streets have no Name
f!Hawke and Anders )

Prompt: This? This is why I hate the Templars
f!Hawke and Anders )

Prompt: Villains by Necessity
f!Hawke and Anders )

Prompt: Water in the Desert
f!Tabris and Nathaniel )
Prompt: Anders' crush on Karl
Anders, m!Amell )
Prompt: Anders' Spicy Shimmy
F!Hawke/Anders )
Prompt: Tea
F!Tabris, Sten )
Prompt: All you are is mean, and a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life and mean
F!Hawke, Anders )
Prompt: Your Best Wasn't Good Enough
F!Hawke )
Prompt: Weep
M!Hawke/Fenris )
Prompt: Corpse Writing
Anders )
Prompt: Years Go By
F!Hawke/Anders )
Prompt: Happily Ever After; What is it, really?
Carver/Velanna )
Prompt: Can I have this dance?
F!Hawke/Anders, Carver )
Prompt: Bethany doesn't mind being a virgin
Bethany, F!Hawke )
Prompt: Carver has second thoughts
Carver, Stroud )
Prompt: Shoe Shopping
F!Tabris, Leliana )
Title: The Stars Blindly Run
Chapter: One
Characters/Pairings: Anders, Justice, F!Hawke, Carver, Isabela, Varric with eventual Hawke/Anders
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5352
Summary: He does not think that he will ever return to the Deep Roads, but, then, there are lot of things that he doesn't think he'll ever do again.
A/N: Spoilers up through the end of Act 1. This started off with the simple idea of writing a look at pre-relationship Hawke and Anders and then turned into a bit more of a character piece with heavy emphasis on Anders/Justice interactions. Also, Isabela sort of hijacked a scene. I blame her entirely. Also, a thank you to [ profile] fourdollarwords for looking this over and giving me feedback on how I wrote the characters.
Additional notes )
Chapter 1 )



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