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Artsy Update and Planning

Finished thumbnail sketches for all the requests I took last weekend, so I've got a general idea for the composition and posing for them all. One full sketch is done as well, though it needs some heavy editing on one arm when I get it into Photoshop because I changed part of it during the sketch and ran out of room to make the proportions look correct. As soon as I get the costume I'm working on finished, I'll have more time to really get to all of them.

Other art ideas (for when I am done with requests!) involve:
Cullen as a cheerleader
Hawke/Sebastian for the last of the drawings I'm doing for my roommates
Hawke/Anders comic thing
Drawing commemorating my successfully romancing both Sebastian and Fenris in one go
More Nate
And I want to draw more of my m!Hawke and Fenris being super adorable, because Faolan is a giant softie.

Also, need to finish up my two (two! Why did I do this!) kmeme fills, both of which are turning out to be very long. One of them is covering about twelve years of time? IDK, I need to stop taking on more writing projects. Chapter 4 of Stars is coming along slowly, too. But! Carver! Why is he such a joy to write?

And it is super warm out today, which is a nice change from the SNOW that we were getting up until the end of April. It's starting to feel like summer!

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NGL, I squee a little inside every time I think of seeing the final finished art you're doing for me. :DDDD

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