Title: To Speak of the Symmetry
Characters/Pairings: Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None, really. Fluffy-ish stuff.
Summary: He is not a poetic man; he cannot write sonnets about the color of her hair or the light in her eyes.
A/N: Short, Spock's POV. I'm a little hesitant about how well I captured him this time. Also, I hope I got my anatomical terms correct in this; it's been a year since I took human anatomy and I seem to have forgotten a *lot* about bones.

He can explain the science of her, and the science of how she affects him - yet it seems too cold; it does not do justice to that fire, to that beauty, to that human spark that is Nyota. )
Title: Archaic Televised Literature
Characters/Pairings: Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG, I think?
Warnings: None, really. Unless Captain Proton counts as a warning.
Summary: "Would you like to watch another episode? A full episode?" she asks him, looking at him with wide eyes. Her mascara has smudged under her eyes, darkening the shadows that linger there. She is tired, he can see this, plainly, clearly, but her eyes still sparkle while harboring the tinge of nervousness that one has when they truly love something and are worried that others won't. And while he cannot yet see the point of this archaic televised literature (though his is exceedingly hesitant to call it literature) he can see that she can.
A/N: Bit of cuteness, bit of introspection, dash of angst. Written over the course of several weeks - hopefully that's not apparent in the writing. Let me know if you find any errors (spelling or otherwise), or if something just doesn't make sense. Also, I haven't watched the Voyager episode centered around Captain Proton in a loooong time, so if I got something wrong...well, I probably should have done my research first. Also, I love old school sci-fi shows, but I also like to laugh at them just as much.

The image on the screen stops, the antagonist frozen in what Spock assumes is supposed to be a particularly diabolical pose. He finds it to be less than effective. )
Title: This State of Almost-Romance
Characters/Pairings: Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG? I fail at picking ratings
Warnings: Fluffiness, I suppose. Despite the title, this is most definitely romance.
Summary: Days will stretch out into the future, and nothing will change because neither one will make the next step in this almost-romance.

She will leave in moments and the door will slide shut behind her, and nothing will change. )
Title: Thousand Suns
Character(s): Kirk
Rating: G
Summary: The man and his ship, the ship and her captain, Kirk and the Enterprise, and he's never letting this go.
Notes: Short little fic, written fairly quickly and in one sitting. If you notice any mistakes/errors, let me know.

He can reach them and touch them and hold them, and he can burn as bright as a sun. )
Attempting to get back into online-community. I've been lurking for so long; I really need to actually try to interact with people, because I *know* I'm missing out on a lot.

Beam me up, Scotty )



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