Prompt: What do we have here?
Bitty!Carver, Bethany, and Malcolm )


Prompt: Break Free
Justice )


Prompt: Malcolm and Hawke
Leandra, Malcolm, and bitty!Hawke )


Prompt: Of course we have cheese. It's a cheese shop
Alistair )


Prompt: How did it get on the ceiling?
Team Rogue + Carver )


Prompt: Imaginary Friend
f!Hawke, Anders )


Prompt: Something old, something new...
Anders )


Prompt: Make a Move
Nathaniel, Carver )


Prompt: Someplace to be flying
Isabela )
Prompt: I guess that's why we get along so well. We're both just a couple of lovers.

Malcolm and Ser Carver )


Prompt: You're not keeping that as a pet!

Nathaniel, Sigrun, f!Tabris )


Prompt: "I swear, the dragon was right here!"
Carver, Velanna, Sigrun, and Garavel )


Prompt: Holy crap, WHO IS RUNNING THIS ARMY?

Carver )


Prompt: Bounty

f!Hawke/Anders )


Prompt: How many kittens is too many?

f!Hawke and Anders )


Prompt: We're Doomed

Carver, Nathaniel, Sigrun, and f!Tabris )


Prompt: Mother said there'd be days like this

Leandra/Malcolm )


Prompt: No right answer

Brennan, Donnic )
Prompt: Look, I'm telling ya, there's somethin' movin' and it ain't us!
Anders, Nathaniel, Sigrun, and f!Tabris )

Prompt: Dancing Lessons
f!Tabris/Nathaniel )

Prompt: I guess things are different now
Malcolm/Leandra )

Prompt: Then I take the leap
Malcolm/Leandra )

Prompt: Number one son
Carver and Leandra )

Prompt: That's Physically Impossible!
Varric, Isabela, and Hawke )

Prompt: "I'm a healer, Hawke, not a..."
Anders and Hawke )

Prompt: You know what this calls for? Ice cream.
Malcolm and f!Hawke )

Prompt: It's just a cobweb, stop being a weenie.
f!Tabris, Nathaniel, Carver, and Sigrun )

Prompt: Reunion
Carver, Sigrun, and Nathaniel )

Prompt: Litter of Mabari pups
Leandra, Malcolm, and f!Hawke )

Prompt: "It's only a flesh wound"
Sigrun, f!Tabris, Nathaniel, Carver )

Prompt: Warden, Champion. Champion, Warden
f!Hawke and m!Amell )
Title: In the Shadows, Dark
Rating: PG/PG-13?
Character/Pairings: Anders, f!Hawke
Summary: After a year spent in solitary confinement, Anders is not at all happy in dark or small places. Problem is, he isn't about to let his friends go into the Deep Roads without a Warden.
A/N: Written for the kmeme prompt: So Anders is claustrophobic due to his year in solitary, etc. LI-to-be Hawke drags him into the Deep Roads. Cue panic attack, and Anders trying to fight through it because he's the healer, dammit, and he's supposed to take care of everyone else.

He's been able to do this before, when he was with the Wardens, been able to go into the Deep Roads with very little trouble. Well, not no trouble. Some trouble. )
Weekly roundup! Lots of Carver-fic this time around. I'm really loving these Warden-rogues + Carver drabbles. They are far too much fun!
Prompt: Why does it always have to be snakes?
Carver, f!Tabris, Sigrun, and Nathaniel )

Prompt: Does the rolling help?
Carver, Sigrun, f!Tabris, and Nathaniel )

Prompt: Shindig
Carver, Sigrun, f!Tabris, and Nathaniel )

Prompt: I love the smell of magic in the morning
Anders/F!Hawke/Nathaniel )

Prompt: Does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine?
Anders and Justice, Anders/f!Hawke )

Prompt: Why are baby things always so cute?
Leandra/Malcolm )

Prompt: Qunari Bakeries
Sten and f!Tabris )

Prompt: Cat Nap
f!Hawke/Anders )

Prompt: How long until your surrender?
f!Hawke and Sebastian )
Prompt: Blood in My Mouth
Warden Carver )

Prompt: Every well-bred petty crook
Malcolm/Leandra )

Prompt: Red Roses
Nathaniel/Bethany, F!Tabris )

Prompt: And there you were, completely naked...
Nathaniel, Sigrun, Carver, and f!Tabris )

Prompt: Back to the Start
f!Tabris and Carver )

Prompt: A Cake the Size of Thedas
f!Hawke/Anders )

Prompt: Where the Streets have no Name
f!Hawke and Anders )

Prompt: This? This is why I hate the Templars
f!Hawke and Anders )

Prompt: Villains by Necessity
f!Hawke and Anders )

Prompt: Water in the Desert
f!Tabris and Nathaniel )
Prompt: What do you want from me?
f!Tabris and Alistair )

Prompt: A New Home
Carver, f!Tabris, Nathaniel, Sigrun )

Prompt: The One with the Blackout
f!Hawke and Anders )

Prompt: Leandra/Malcolm, First Kiss
Leandra/Malcolm )

Prompt: You're a Dream to Me
Justice and f!Hawke, past f!Hawke/Anders )

Prompt: Real Names
f!Hawke/Anders )

Prompt: I told you not to touch that!
Varric, Hawke, and Anders )
Prompt: The Dark is Very Quiet
Justice and Anders )

Prompt: Without the destination, what's the point of the journey
Anders/Hawke/Nathaniel )

Prompt: don't have enough sense to come out of the rain
Anders/f!Hawke )

Prompt: Stuck on the roof
Carver, Nathaniel, and the Warden Commander )

Prompt: Confusion
m!Hawke about Fenris )
Prompt: Anders' crush on Karl
Anders, m!Amell )
Prompt: Anders' Spicy Shimmy
F!Hawke/Anders )
Prompt: Tea
F!Tabris, Sten )
Prompt: All you are is mean, and a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life and mean
F!Hawke, Anders )
Prompt: Your Best Wasn't Good Enough
F!Hawke )
Prompt: Weep
M!Hawke/Fenris )
Prompt: Corpse Writing
Anders )
Prompt: Years Go By
F!Hawke/Anders )
Prompt: Happily Ever After; What is it, really?
Carver/Velanna )
Prompt: Can I have this dance?
F!Hawke/Anders, Carver )
Prompt: Bethany doesn't mind being a virgin
Bethany, F!Hawke )
Prompt: Carver has second thoughts
Carver, Stroud )
Prompt: Shoe Shopping
F!Tabris, Leliana )
Decided to collect all the drabbles I did for the [ profile] dragon_age Tuesday Prompt fest, plus a few from previous weeks. I was quite inspired this morning. Which was bad for me, because I had a paper to write and kept getting distracted.

Prompt: You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means
Anders and F!Hawke )

Prompt: "It's eyes are following me. Creepy"
Fenris and M!Hawke )

Prompt: Alistair's Rose
Tabris, with Alistair and Nathaniel )

Prompt: Bethany - First Kiss
Bethany/Cullen )

Prompt: Day at the Market
Tabris, Alistair, Sten, Morrigan, and Cheese )

Prompt: Green
Irving, and bitty Anders, Surana, and Amell )

Prompt: Turtles!
Merrill, Isabela, and F!Hawke )

Prompt: Dancing
Tabris and Nathaniel )

Prompt: Taking Care of Hawke after Mother dies
Lots, plus waffles )

Prompt: Kill it! Kill it with fire!
Isabela, Hawke, Merrill, and Varric )

Prompt: My Mother was so Proud of Me
Hawke and Anders )


Dec. 15th, 2009 08:44 pm
Title: Fissures
Author: [ profile] featheredraven
Characters/Pairings: Tabris/Alistair
Rating: T-ish? Closer to M, maybe.
Warnings: Some fluff, some angst (okay, a lot of angst), and some archdemons getting a fair amount of blood.
Summary: Make a man a king, and what will he do with the common little elf that follows (loves) him?
A/N: First foray into Dragon Age fic, and I'm a bit uncertain how well I've gotten Alistair in character. Feedback is welcome, especially if you catch any errors in what I've written. Also, I rarely ever copy in-game dialogue word for word, because what fun is reading exactly what you've already heard?

and she feels like she's turned incandescent, like she's going to burn up right there, and for a moment her heart is so full of happiness that she can hardly breathe )
It's incredibly cold here today. If it's going to be this cold, there should at least be snow on the ground.

On a different note, it's a good thing I waited until I finished writing my NaNo to play Dragon Age, because, otherwise, I would have never finished that novel - which I did finish, about two days before the end of November.

Needless to say, I am now quite absorbed in Dragon Age. It's fantastic! And very much my sort of game, but that's not surprising since a)I've always loved fantasy, and b)it's Bioware, and pretty much every game that I love is by them.

Also, it's incredibly fun to have a friend there who actually enjoys watching you play the game, since it tends to make everything just a bit better. 'course, it means that there are epic laughing fits over things that Alistair says, but epic laughing fits are fun. And Alistair is awesome (actually, so far I'm loving pretty much all the characters...with maybe one exception).



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