Prompt: Blood in My Mouth
Warden Carver )

Prompt: Every well-bred petty crook
Malcolm/Leandra )

Prompt: Red Roses
Nathaniel/Bethany, F!Tabris )

Prompt: And there you were, completely naked...
Nathaniel, Sigrun, Carver, and f!Tabris )

Prompt: Back to the Start
f!Tabris and Carver )

Prompt: A Cake the Size of Thedas
f!Hawke/Anders )

Prompt: Where the Streets have no Name
f!Hawke and Anders )

Prompt: This? This is why I hate the Templars
f!Hawke and Anders )

Prompt: Villains by Necessity
f!Hawke and Anders )

Prompt: Water in the Desert
f!Tabris and Nathaniel )
Prompt: The Dark is Very Quiet
Justice and Anders )

Prompt: Without the destination, what's the point of the journey
Anders/Hawke/Nathaniel )

Prompt: don't have enough sense to come out of the rain
Anders/f!Hawke )

Prompt: Stuck on the roof
Carver, Nathaniel, and the Warden Commander )

Prompt: Confusion
m!Hawke about Fenris )


Dec. 15th, 2009 08:44 pm
Title: Fissures
Author: [ profile] featheredraven
Characters/Pairings: Tabris/Alistair
Rating: T-ish? Closer to M, maybe.
Warnings: Some fluff, some angst (okay, a lot of angst), and some archdemons getting a fair amount of blood.
Summary: Make a man a king, and what will he do with the common little elf that follows (loves) him?
A/N: First foray into Dragon Age fic, and I'm a bit uncertain how well I've gotten Alistair in character. Feedback is welcome, especially if you catch any errors in what I've written. Also, I rarely ever copy in-game dialogue word for word, because what fun is reading exactly what you've already heard?

and she feels like she's turned incandescent, like she's going to burn up right there, and for a moment her heart is so full of happiness that she can hardly breathe )



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