Title: Templar Moon
Characters/Pairings: F!Hawke/Anders
Rating: PG
Summary: They keep waiting for the Templars to come for them, but maybe there's a reason they haven't yet.
A/N: Set somewhere between the end of Act 2 and before Act 3 starts. Hopefully the concept I was trying to get across with this (why the Templars might not have come for a mage Hawke) works.

If I do not move against her, she will not make a move against me. And as long as I don't, you are safe )
Title: The Stars Blindly Run
Chapter: One
Characters/Pairings: Anders, Justice, F!Hawke, Carver, Isabela, Varric with eventual Hawke/Anders
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5352
Summary: He does not think that he will ever return to the Deep Roads, but, then, there are lot of things that he doesn't think he'll ever do again.
A/N: Spoilers up through the end of Act 1. This started off with the simple idea of writing a look at pre-relationship Hawke and Anders and then turned into a bit more of a character piece with heavy emphasis on Anders/Justice interactions. Also, Isabela sort of hijacked a scene. I blame her entirely. Also, a thank you to [livejournal.com profile] fourdollarwords for looking this over and giving me feedback on how I wrote the characters.
Additional notes )
Chapter 1 )
Title: Lightening Grounded
Characters/Pairing: Anders/F!Hawke
Rating: PG-13
Summary: They try for a life together, but things will never be all right, not as long as Justice remains.
A/N: Doesn't mention specific endgame spoilers, but still takes place post-game. Prequel to The Hunt for Gravity

He thinks that he doesn't deserve it, but he wants just a little happiness. Just a little. )
Title: The Hunt for Gravity
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sebastian, Female Hawke, mentions of past Hawke/Anders
Summary: He hunts, but does not find what he is looking for.
A/N: Endgame spoilers. Posted over at [livejournal.com profile] swooping_is_bad here
he is not here to reminisce, and he has now placed himself unguarded in a room with a woman he once called friend )
I finished Dragon Age 2! And now, for some thoughts before I go out and read the opinions of too many other people:

Spoilers could be near!...or it could just be darkspawn... )
Played more Mass Effect 2. I'm going to jot down some thoughts on it below.

Spoilers through Horizon + Jacob's mission )
...is gorgeous.

Started playing it yesterday (after having to sit through nine hours of classes...urgh), and it's been amazing so far. To be non-spoilery, all I'll say is that the graphics, camera angles, and expressions are all done very, very well, and make it far more visually engaging than the first game (and that one was amazing the first time I played it, so...).

Also, my Shepard is being more renegade than I thought she would be. But my last play through of ME1 with her had her be Uber-Paragon in both speech and action until after Virmire, where she pretty much told the Council to screw off and ended up being rather renegade in how she interacted with people.

Can't wait until I have more time tonight to play!


Dec. 15th, 2009 08:44 pm
Title: Fissures
Author: [livejournal.com profile] featheredraven
Characters/Pairings: Tabris/Alistair
Rating: T-ish? Closer to M, maybe.
Warnings: Some fluff, some angst (okay, a lot of angst), and some archdemons getting mushed...so a fair amount of blood.
Summary: Make a man a king, and what will he do with the common little elf that follows (loves) him?
A/N: First foray into Dragon Age fic, and I'm a bit uncertain how well I've gotten Alistair in character. Feedback is welcome, especially if you catch any errors in what I've written. Also, I rarely ever copy in-game dialogue word for word, because what fun is reading exactly what you've already heard?

and she feels like she's turned incandescent, like she's going to burn up right there, and for a moment her heart is so full of happiness that she can hardly breathe )
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Yes. However, personally, I've never felt any real pressure to get married/have children. But to be in a relationship, in general? Yeah, there's probably too much pressure. There's a lot of signals all about - in the media, from people around you, etc - that seem to say that "you should be in a relationship."

Still, I'm perfectly content not being in a relationship. Not that I wouldn't mind on, just that it's not really a priority right now.

This was...unexpected. And yet very awesome. Apparently, this was nominated in the 'Best Uhura' category.

This makes me very, very happy, doubly so because I'm actually proud of that piece, unlike a lot of the other most favorited things over at my DA page. So yay!

Also: apparently, it's -8 degrees here with the windchill. I DO NOT REMEMBER IT BEING THIS COLD LAST YEAR!
It's incredibly cold here today. If it's going to be this cold, there should at least be snow on the ground.

On a different note, it's a good thing I waited until I finished writing my NaNo to play Dragon Age, because, otherwise, I would have never finished that novel - which I did finish, about two days before the end of November.

Needless to say, I am now quite absorbed in Dragon Age. It's fantastic! And very much my sort of game, but that's not surprising since a)I've always loved fantasy, and b)it's Bioware, and pretty much every game that I love is by them.

Also, it's incredibly fun to have a friend there who actually enjoys watching you play the game, since it tends to make everything just a bit better. 'course, it means that there are epic laughing fits over things that Alistair says, but epic laughing fits are fun. And Alistair is awesome (actually, so far I'm loving pretty much all the characters...with maybe one exception).
The Irresponsible Captain Tylor is kind of ridiculous. And by 'kind of' I mean extremely ridiculous. It's like taking fandom Kirk and getting rid of any bit of intelligence that he has.

So, finally feeling much better; I got food poisoning Tuesday night (think it was reeeally old cream cheese that I probably should have known better than to eat), and I pretty much flopped around on the floor and slept for two days.

...meaning that every time I tried to get up, I ended up just going 'feel sick' and flopped over onto the floor. It was fun.

...this also means that the three day lead I had only my NaNo? Gone. And now I'm behind. So time for lots of writing, even though I've pretty much decided that the entire thing needs to be desperately rewritten. Urgh.

Also, Tv-show meme )
...which is not to say that I'm failing at NaNo, just that I'm not really liking my story at this point. It feels like of like a giant pile of words that got mushed together. Also: I keep accidentally switching to present tense, because I love writing in present tense. But I'm stupid and didn't think that I would be able to carry present tense through a 50,000 word novel, so I started writing the thing in past tense. And now, 31,000 words in, I can't really change it.

I am using present tense for flashbacks, though. Odd, stylistic choice.

Laser Tag and Assassin's Creed )

And, just because I can, here's some writing from a loooong time ago. Meaning March/April, after I finished playing Kotor and decided that I'd much rather ship Revan with Canderous than with Carth.

In Which Canderous is Probably Not Quite In-Character Because I Was Going From Memory and Had Only Played the Game Once )

In even other news, the 's' key on my laptop keeps sticking. This is not good.
Note to self: avoid cars driving through puddles and college-age boys on long boards. Both are hazardous to one's health. Oh, and bicycles. Almost got run over by the latter two several times in the last week, and almost went to work soaking wet today due to the first.

Also, sci-fi pet peeve of the month: non-mammalian aliens with breasts (I'm looking at you, [almost] every sci-fi show). Honestly, I fail to see how that even makes sense. If they are not a species that produces milk, they're probably not going to have evolved useless lumps of flesh on their chests just because. Give me a scientific reason for it, and maybe I'll be all right with it.
Fixed printer at work. Got ink smudges on my shirt.

However, did not break printer in process of fixing it, which is a definite plus. Also, I am now one of the workers here with the most knowledge of how to fix stuff here. Yay!

On another note, Organic Chemistry is going to eat me alive this semester. Woohoo.
...and yet I still come out of watching Much Ado About Nothing wanting Beatrice and Don Pedro to have gotten together.

Got in to Ashland today for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. I went to it last year (saw four amazing plays) and I loved it, so I'd been looking forward to going again for quite awhile. Also, it's lovely to have a vacation, as much whole summer has been spent working two jobs.

Anyway, I just saw OSF's production of Much Ado, and I must say that I loved it. They set it in Italy right after WWII, and it worked surprisingly well (baring the American accents that everyone had contrasted against the bits of Italian that were thrown in at scene changes and from background characters). The acting was wonderful (save for a little bit of overacting that felt a little painful at times), and the humor was wonderful. While pretty much everything was amazing, here are three things that stood out:

Claudio/Hero - the actors made me buy it. Every time I read the play, I end up wanting to throttle Claudio (for good reason, too), but seeing it staged/the movie version (Robert Sean Leonard!) makes me like him quite a bit more. One moment that really worked was the scene where he sings before her tomb; not only was the singing amazing, but they had Hero stand up on a balcony, watching, which made her accepting him again a bit easier to handle.

Don Pedro - I've always liked Don Pedro, from when I first saw the movie where he's played by Denzel Washington to each time I've read it. This performance was no exception; the actor was brilliant; he played Othello last season (which I wanted to see, but didn't because it wasn't playing when I was there), and I'll see he tomorrow as Macbeth. But he made the Prince this respectable and yet hilarious character. The scene where he asks Beatrice to marry him (jokingly or not) was wonderful; he asks her, she says no, and then they both just crack up on stage. He just had a wonderful command of the stage whenever he was there, and he had fantastic facial expressions and inflections.

Benedick - Wonderful. Simply wonderful. I completely bought that he was in love with Beatrice, even from the first moment they're on stage together, bickering. Like the man who played Don Pedro, the actor had a fantastic grasp of how to work the humor inherent to his character, and when he's "hiding" from the Prince/Claudio/Leonato he's just so funny to watch. Of course, the other characters know where he is on stage and show that they do through their actions, but Benedick's attempts to hide were increasingly hilarious, culminating in him hiding in a cistern/pond/tub of water. Also, his singing? Fail. But in a good way.

Honestly, the entire thing was fantastic. I'd seen some of the actors last year, and it was wonderful seeing them as completely different characters.

Tomorrow I'm seeing Macbeth and Henry VIII, and I'm quite excited!
Title: To Speak of the Symmetry
Characters/Pairings: Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None, really. Fluffy-ish stuff.
Summary: He is not a poetic man; he cannot write sonnets about the color of her hair or the light in her eyes.
A/N: Short, Spock's POV. I'm a little hesitant about how well I captured him this time. Also, I hope I got my anatomical terms correct in this; it's been a year since I took human anatomy and I seem to have forgotten a *lot* about bones.

He can explain the science of her, and the science of how she affects him - yet it seems too cold; it does not do justice to that fire, to that beauty, to that human spark that is Nyota. )



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