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Prompt Fest Roundup

Prompt: The Dark is Very Quiet
It is never quiet within Anders' mind, not even when the mages sleeps. Even then, Justice can hear the hum of his dreams, the tantalizing connect to the Fade where he can no longer go.

It is different from when he was in Kristoff's body, for Anders' thoughts are bright and alive, changing as the man goes about his day, and sometimes it is hard to understand how those changes come about.

Justice misses the transition in Anders' thought upon Hawke, as perhaps the most important of these changes, is not able to distinguish when lust turns to love. The nuances are too subtle for him, and Anders' feelings for Hawke are so different from the memory of Kristoff's love for Aura.

But it is always alive and bright within Anders' mind, until the day that they - both of them, together - bring change to the world. And then there is only one just outcome, and they wait for it together, him and Anders.

And when it finally comes, all the light within Anders' mind goes out and it is quiet, so quiet, and Justice is alone.

Prompt: Without the destination, what's the point of the journey

They all know where this ends. It is something that the Warden Commander had made very clear to them all soon after their Joinings - this will end in the Deep Roads one day, for all of them. When the call of the taint within their blood becomes to much, they must go into the dark and let it consume them.

Nathaniel knows how this ends, but Hawke does not, and he inwardly curses both himself and Anders for never having explained it. But Anders had never expected to live this long, and Nathaniel had never expected to be with them, and now that damned mage is leaving.

"You know she's going to follow you," he says, startling Anders from the shadows of the room as the mage gathers the few supplies he will need for his journey.

"No, she won't," he responds. "You'll keep her from following."

"And when I go? Tomorrow, the next day, a year from now? What will stop her from following then?"

A pained look crosses Anders' face. "You'll think of something," he says, voice strained. "But you'll stop her from following."

But it is a lie and they both know it, because they both know that Hawke will let neither of them go without a fight.

Prompt: don't have enough sense to come out of the rain
She's reading by the fire when there's a knock on the door, and for a moment she wonders who it could be. It's one of those late nights where the raining is pouring down, and while her first thought is Templars, because that's always her first thought, her second though is Anders.

She gets up from her seat and hobbles to the door, inwardly cursing Varric and his big mouth for telling the mage about her injury. It's not even that bad, Anders didn't need to show up to fix it now.

But, sure enough, he's outside the door, positively soaked. He looks like of like a waterlogged, feathery, drowned rat.

"I heard you needed healing?" he says, at the same time as she breathes out his name in a half annoyed, half endeared tone.

"Come in here, you stupid man," she says, reaching out and grasping one of his hands - which is positively ice cold - and tugging him inside. "My injured ankle is not worthy you catching your death in this weather."

Water rolls off his nose and down his face. She reaches out and brushes a few drops away.

"I'm giving you the key to my cellar," she says, and he gives a start. "That way, you won't have to practically drown every time you come running up here to see me."

Prompt: Stuck on the roof
"Does this happen a lot?" Carver asks, trying to keep his footing as the Warden Commander darts about the roof, looking for a way down.

Nathaniel lets out a long suffering breath. "More often than I'd like," he admits. "Normally Sigrun is involved somehow."

"It's a rogue thing!" the Warden Commander says brightly, and it's moments like these that remind Carver that she's only a few years older than he is. "Come on, Nate, there's a ledge over here. I think we can jump down."

This turns out to be a terrible and somewhat painful idea. At least for Carver, who lacks the rogue-like proficiency to do stupid shit and get away with it unscathed.

Prompt: Confusion

Hawke does not understand him. Not one single bit. First, he flees from his bed - and, okay, it's not like Hawke took that incredibly well, but he could understand it, at least a little - but then the damn elf starts wearing something with his family crest on it?


It makes no sense at all, and confuses the hell out of Hawke. But he's being the nice one in this whole not really a relationship thing, so he doesn't mention it. Even though he really, really wants to.

Stupid confusing Fenris.

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