silver_feathered_raven ([personal profile] silver_feathered_raven) wrote2011-05-14 06:41 pm
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Art Request Roundup

Just typing up a list here to keep track of the requests from Side Quest Saturday.

[ profile] thewaterbandit: Hudson Hawke/Merrill of the snarky/romantic nature
[ profile] soaringsparrows: Kaedan and Kaiah Hawke arguing
[ profile] ladykleo: Athena Hawke/Anders rivalmance
[ profile] rose_in_shadow: Marian Hawke/Anders from Guide Me Home
[ profile] will_o_whisper: Merrill and Isabela being adorable

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Is there anything that you would like in return? I'm not so hot at drawing but I can write you something :)

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omg your Hawke's name is Hudson??? That is amazing! XD

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Thanks! I had him planned out the moment the surname of the main character was announced :p He's an absolute blast to play.

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Ooo, I would love some sort of fic!

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What would you like it to be about?

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Hmmm...I'm debating between something fluffy and something group-based. Or Anders, Varric, Isabela, and Hawke doing stupid stuff. Because you know they do.

Also, what class is Hudson? I've got a preliminary sketch of your pic, but I'm not sure what to having him wearing!

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Stupid stuff is entirely within my wheelhouse, you know that :p

Doooh, I can't believe I forgot to tell you! He's an archery rogue.